Town of Mattapoisett, MA
PO Box 435, Mattapoisett, MA 02739
ph: (508) 758-4100
Most Used Town Hall Department Forms: Shellfish, Building, Licenses.....
We hope that you will find this section of our website with Department Forms helpful.  We will be adding and revising material to this page as it becomes available.

Board of Selectmen / Town Administrator
Daily Hours: 8am - 4pm
508-758-4100 ext. 4
Form Name
Application for private use of Ned's Point / Veterans  Park or Shipyard Park/ Town Gazebo
Guidlines and fees for use of the Ned's Pt. grounds for weddings, reunions,Church services, and public events.Please read pages 1 and 2 and fill out the online form 3 and bring it into the Selectmen's Office at Town Hall
Includes complete policy on procedures,required information, and cost for an alcohol license.
Fees: Call Selectmens Office
Hawkers and Peddler's License Application
Please fill out the online form for a Hawkers and Peddlers License, print it, and bring it into the Selectmen's Office at Town Hall
Fee: $25
Board of Assessors
508-758-4100 ext. 3
Form Name
Return of Personal Property subject to taxation.
Dept. of Natural Resources
508-758-4100 ext. 202 cell 508-400-8910
Form Name
Information about Parking Passes and Shelfish Permits
One site with both Resident and Non-Resident
Form Name
Mooring Inspection Forms
Boat owners can filled this form out and print it out.
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement
508-758- 4100 ext. 211, ext. 210
Form Name
Residential Building Permit <br />Application
Non-structural changes, includes repairs such as roofing, siding, windows with same openings.
Fee:$100 first $5000 of project cost, $35 each additional $5000 after.
Gasfitting Permit Application
Massachusetts Uniform Application to do Gasfittings.
Fee:$50 +$15 per fixture.
Electrical Permit Application
Dept. of Fire Services of Massachusetts.Required for electrical work in accordance with the Massachusetts Electrical Codes.
Fee: Varies , call for fee.
Plumbing Permit Application
Massachusetts Uniform Application for permit to do plumbing.
Fee:$50+$15 per fixture
Required for all Builders,Contractors,Plumbers, and Electricians.
Required by Building Dept.
Council on Aging
Call the The COA at 508-758-4110 about any of the following forms which they have at 17 Barstow St.
Form Name
Downloadable Form
Planning Board
Call Tuesdays and Thursdays.
508-758-4100 x 215
Form Name
Form A
A form to have the Planning Board sign off on when it is believed that no special permission need be granted.
Fee: $50
Form B
A form for Preliminary Site Plan Approval by Planning Board.
Fee: $10
Form SP-A
Application Form for Site Plan Review and Approval.
Fee: $50
SRD- Special Permit
Application Form for Planning Board Special Permit Granting Authority Special Residential Development.
Fee: $100
Form C
Application for Approval of a Definitive Plan
Form C Check List
Check List
Abutter Notification Form
Conservation Commission
Office Hours:Tuesdays and Thursdays
508-758-4100 ext. 219
Form Name
attapoisett Conservation Commision's procedures Form for filing a "Request of Determination" decisionfrom the Board
Mattapoisett Conservation Commision's procedures for filing for a "Notice of Intent" decision by the Board
If you wish to build something which involves digging up existing grounds for construction and you need to run the project by Conservation this is your form.
This form is required when an individual wishes to file a complaint with the Conservation Commission
Form for requesting an on sight inspection by the ConCom. Please do not fill in below the indicated line
Mattapoisett Conservation Commision's procedures for filing a " Certificate of Compliance" decision from the Board
Water Dept.
Located at 19 County Rd.
Form Name
Request for new service form
Form if you wish a meter for new sevice.
Permit Form for any new septic sewer system to be built.
Zoning Board of Appeals
Call the Building Dept. for Inquiries.
508-758-4100 ext. 9
Form Name
Complete Instructions for filing with Zoning Board of Appeals Fee schedules vary. Please call the Building Dept. at 508-758- 4100 ext 9
for details.
Application For Variances,Special Permits, or Appeals Form
If these pages cannot be downloaded because of bonded paper issues in printing,applicants can obtain application form in the Building Dept. at Town Hall weekdays 8 -4pm
Highway Deparmentt
Form Name
Application to have a Private Road Plowed for Snow
Online Annual Town Reports: Town Clerk
Form Name